Stay Strong Avery


On July 22, 2020, while standing near the street with friends, Avery Barnes, 16, was tragically struck by a car and critically injured in a horrific accident caused by a drunk driver. 

She is suffering from multiple internal injuries, broken bones and serious skin injuries and burns on over 30% of her body that will require dozens of painful reconstructive surgeries, skin grafts, lengthy hospital stays and extensive physical therapy.   

Avery is expected to fully recover in 18-24 months, but will still have painful physical and emotional scars to work through. Please pray for Avery and her family as they tackle these challenges.

How You Can Help

We have created #AveryStrong bracelets to show our support for Avery and assist with helping to pay for medical and recovery expenses, including skin graft procedures, therapy, and rehabilitation costs, out of work expenses for her parents, Erik and Kerri, who will have to care for her around the clock, and future needs for her and her family, Erik, Kerri, and sisters Ansley and Addisyn. 

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#AveryStrong Bracelet

To show support for Avery and the Barnes family and assist with Avery's medical bills, we have created #AveryStrong bracelets in Avery's favorite colors. 

#Averys Army Face Mask

#AverysArmy Facemask

Support Avery and mask up with our #AverysArmy Facemask. 

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#AveryStrong Tees

Red #AveryStrong T-Shirts are available in short and long sleeves.

Make A Donation

The road to recovery will be a long one for Avery. She is a fighter but she needs your help because her recovery will be costly. Please consider making a donation in any amount to help cover the costs of crushing medical expenses. 

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